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How many lessons per week does DiamondSwim recommend for Learn to Swim?

2 lessons per week provides the best opportunity at the optimum rate, whilst desirable we recognise that it is not always possible, they all get there in the end, the most important thing is that they are involved and working towards safety in and around water.

Does my child need to wear goggles?

Children need to learn to swim with and without goggles. Goggles can help if children are finding they are getting sore eyes when swimming frequently. Children need to be able to swim without goggles for safety reasons, such as if they were to fall into water alone without their goggles.

How long does it take children to learn to swim?

Practice and exposure are the keys to learning to swim, the more time they spend in the water the more natural it will feel and the faster they will develop. Participation in our holiday intensive programs assists greatly in a childs progress, these are a 5 day program held 1 week prior to the beginning of each term (highly recommended).

What programs does DiamondSwim School run?

DiamondSwim School follows principals directed by Swim Australia. Swim Australia’s mission is to develop “learn to swim” in Australia to its full potential; resulting in all Australians learning to swim and gaining water safety knowledge through the safest and most enjoyable swimming lessons.

What age should my child begin swimming?

DiamondSwim School recommend that all swimmers start as babies. We offer free classes for 2-6 month olds to help encourage their development early and therefore potentially their safety in and around water.

When will my child progress to the next swimming level?

DiamondSwim have a criteria for each level which must be met before progressing. Experience has taught us that by moving a child on to early can have a detrimental effect on their confidence which in turn hinders their development and skill level.

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